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About the PMP Exam Question Simulator

What are the benefits of the Exam Simulator?

Once a user takes an exam, it is important that they use the analysis tools on the site to see where there weak areas are for the PMP certification exam. This analysis really shows people where they must study more. While this is only an indicator in a 10 question free PMP exam, it can show a far clearer trend in a 200 question exam. e.g. that a user has a weakness in planning across all knowledge areas.


How relevant are the questions provided by MyPMP.ie? How similar are they to the real exam questions?

The questions we have created are at a similar level of difficulty to the real PMP exam questions. All questions on MyPMP.ie were created in detailed consultation with several experienced PMP exam tutors and expert project managers. The sample questions on MyPMP.ie are designed in such a way that they recreate the subtleties of the actual PMP exam. Our Exam Simulator includes a live timer for each practice test ensuring you are comfortable with the testing environment on the day of your exam.


Will I be able to mark questions for review and return to them later if I wish?

Yes. Every effort has been made to ensure that the exam simulator is as true to the real PMP exam as possible. This includes the ability to mark questions for review prior to submitting a final score. Before you finish a practice exam, you can return to any question regardless of whether you marked it for review or not. However, we would advise marking the questions you intend to return to as it could save time in the exam.


What additional software or plug-ins do I need to use the MyPMP exam simulator?

No additional software is required to use the MyPMP exam simulator. It is designed to run only on your web browser of choice.

Last modified: Thursday, 31 March 2011, 3:52 PM