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MyPMP.ie is owned by Velopi Ltd (www.velopi.com), a Project Management consultancy based in Cork, Ireland.

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We work with both national and international customers. Many of our customers have global business and we provide on-site and remote support wherever they are located. We work with clients in a range of businesses e.g. Medical device, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Software and  IT.

Our services include a full range of Project Management services including Project Planning, Execution and Monitor & Control. We provide cover for key resources or emergency cover when needed.

We are well known for our Project Management certification programs. We host both public and in-house courses. Users both nationally and internationally know the value and usefulness of this product in helping them prepare for the certification exam.

We have extensive experience with the Project Management Institutes (PMI) certification program. Based on this experience, we know the pitfalls and problems areas people have not just with the material but also with the application and preparation for the exam. To address these problems, we have designed an end-to-end blended learning solution that:

  • Removes ambiguity from the process by supporting the applicant with tools and information through each step of the process
  • Provides a blended learning solution to attendees combining classroom training and an exam simulator
  • Focuses on exam hot topics
  • Makes material relevant and understandable using examples and case studies from life scenarios
  • Fast tracks the application process and reduces chances of application rejection and/or audit by using an Excel tool to capture applicant experience in a format PMI requires. We ensure the application
    complies with the Terms and Conditions as outlined by the PMI
  • Provides real life exam experience using the content of our exam simulator which has exam content matching the PMI exam standard
  • Greatly enhances certification success levels

A high level view of our certification process is:

  • Review of previous experience
    • Outline certifications options to attendees
    • Be clear on Effort & Cost required by the attendee
  • Classroom training
    • Based on learner feedback from online course
    • CAPM/PMP Exam hot topics
    • CAPM/PMP Exam questions on each topic
  • Provide application and exam support
  • Provide access to Velopi exam simulator
  • Follow-up support until certification is achieved

If you would like to speak with us about your Project Management Training and/or Consultancy needs, then please Contact us!

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